Corporate Publications


The SmartSat Cooperative Research Centre, through its partners, has a mission to help build an Australian sovereign space capability through world-class research and development in space systems, technology and solutions to enhance Australia’s economic prosperity and deliver national benefit. This Strategic Plan summary provides a high-level outline of its strategic approach in achieving this mission.


As part of its planning, SmartSat had established three End User Boards to identify the challenges and needs of their sector and formed working groups to develop their respective Sector Priorities under the guidance of SmartSat’s Industry and Deputy Industry Directors. Sector Priorities have been developed for: Agriculture and Natural Resources; Mining and Energy and; Defence and National Security.

These priorities will inform the SmartSat Research Program and help improve the sustainability and prosperity of critical sectors through harnessing transformative space industry technologies. Across each of the sectors, common problems have been identified which further highlighted the need for strong and robust cross-sector collaboration and the need for the space industry to leverage and pivot their technology and capability to service multiple sectors.

The priorities identified can be used by SmartSat partner organisations and the space community to help guide development of project proposals and identify priority areas for further research and development.


The Space Industry Skills Gap Analysis report identifies three hundred and nineteen space-related skills needed to support future needs of the sector.  This study was supported by the Australian Space Agency as an initial step to understanding the skills needs of the national space workforce.

The Space Industry Skills Gap Analysis is a detailed and in-depth examination and assessment of Australian space-related skills, developed by team engaged by SmartSat from Western Sydney University (WSU) and Asia Pacific Aerospace Consultants (APAC).