New South Wales Node

Map of Australia with New South Wales highlighted
SmartSat CRC’s New South Wales node aims to supercharge the state’s Space innovation ecosystem.

SmartSat CRC’s New South Wales (NSW) Node is a joint project with the NSW Government’s Space Office and the Office of the NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer, to support industry and research collaboration and solve valuable industry problems through the commercialisation of space-related technologies.

The NSW Node will run three separate grant programs and a regular events program to drive industry-research teaming and collaboration for space industry growth and R&D commercialisation impact.

NSW NODE: Space Demonstrator Program

Call for Applications Now Open for co-funding of 12-month demonstrator projects up to $300,000 in value.

  • Co-funding ratio 1:2 (industry : node)
  • NSW industry-led, cash co-investment required

All projects must be industry led or solve an industry/business problem and involve at least one industry partner and one research partner.

Applications close COB Friday, 21 April 2023.

NSW NODE: Space Sector Mobility SCHEME

Call for Applications Now Open to fund placements of up to 6 months for industry representatives to work within NSW Universities, or for NSW Uni researchers to work within your business, facilitating the transfer of expertise, training and skills.:

  • Secondments in both directions – industry to university, and vice versa
  • Salary and on-costs are funded, seniority not limited
  • Secondments will cover up to 1.0 FTE and 6 months duration
  • No default co-investment required, industry pays for activities
  • Regular application rounds every 12 weeks for quick response.
  • Provides a pathway to partnership development for other node programs.

Applications close COB Friday, 21 April 2023.

NSW NODE: SPACE Infrastructure Access Scheme

Call for Applications Now Open for the SmartSat NSW Node Infrastructure Access Scheme to provide companies with access to R&D equipment, laboratory space and other research infrastructure:

  • No deadlines, industry can apply at any time
  • No direct costs to industry
  • Simple, quick application process, including consultation
  • Access includes advice, training and analysis from dedicated technical staff
  • Introductions to a researcher at any NSW University hosting the equipment you need to access can be arranged
  • Provides a pathway to partnership development for other node programs.

Applications close COB Friday, 21 April 2023.

Industry-R&D Networking Events

The NSW Node will be holding regular in-person networking, teaming, and capability discovery events – including:

  • Industry & Research teaming workshops
  • “Capability discovery” site visits
  • Evening networking meetups with invited speakers

The first teaming design workshop was held on 13 May 2021 in conjunction with the ACSER CUBESAT2021: Cubesat Innovation Workshop at UNSW Sydney

Photo of participants in the NSW SmartSat Node Teaming Workshop held on the 13th of May 2021 at ACSER CubeSat2021
Teaming design workshop at ACSER CUBESAT2021

Our first site visit was to Nicholas Hacko Watchmaker (soon to be rebadged NH Micro) on 14 May 2021, where the amazing Josh Hacko provided a deep dive into the world of micro-level precision toolmaking in exotic metals.

Photo of participants in the first NSW SmartSat CRC Node site visit to Nicholas Hacko Watchmakers' precision machining facility
First node site visit on 14th May 2021 to Nicholas Hacko Watchmaker

For more information and to be notified of up-and-coming events, please contact:

Dr Tim Parsons
Node Coordinator
SmartSat CRC New South Wales Node
[email protected]