2030 Space & Spatial Roadmap

As Australia moves to strengthen its digital economy, economic success, societal well-being, and national security pivots around our ability to collect, disseminate and exploit complex data in a timely and effective manner. Space and spatial capabilities are central to achieving this, providing essential data and services to support areas of national importance such as land and water security, emergency management, and increasingly, autonomous systems and smart cities management. A national coalition of leading organisations have come together to explore the industry opportunities for Australia at the intersection of ‘space’ and ‘spatial’ by coordinating the creating of the Space and Spatial Industry Growth RoadMap 2030.

The Space and Spatial Industry Growth RoadMap 2030 is being developed to better align these allied industries to achieve greater outcomes in these areas. The RoadMap highlights the strategic importance of a strong Australian space and spatial capability, identifies the critical characteristics of such a capability, and outlines the steps required to realise an integrated space and spatial ecosystem that will be a key national asset.

To find out more, visit 2030spaceandspatial or contact Peter Kerr at [email protected]