Australian Space Industry Start-Up Company (ASISC)

SmartSat is in the process of establishing a separate company, to represent the start-up community and allowing them to come together and participate as a collective Core Partner, within in the SmartSat CRC.

This entity, currently referred to as the Australian Space Industry Start-up Company (ASISC), will be an incorporated entity, have its own Board of Directors, and will provide benefits to its “members” from a number of initiatives to support their growth and development by providing;

  • Mentoring by more experienced industry executives, and support for start-up managers to gain valuable board experience by participating on the board of an incorporated entity;
  • Opportunities to sit on the SmartSat CRC Industry Advisory Board;
  • Various education, training and networking events; and
  • Opportunities to participate in, and inform, SmartSat CRC projects and activities.

SmartSat is in the early stages of establishing ASISC, and will take the opportunity to develop a clear value proposition over the next 12 months.  SmartSat are offering interested parties the opportunity to ‘join’ ASISC on an obligation free basis (i.e. $0) for this period.  After this time they will have the opportunity to consider fully the opportunities ASISC provides, including any formal membership structure and associated benefits.  Joining ASISC will enable all start-up organisations to participate in the SmartSat ecosystem.

For further information please contact:
Dr Tim Parsons
Chair – Start Up Cluster Steering Committee
CEO – DeltaV
Australian NewSpace Alliance
M +61 417 463 972
[email protected]