Research Program 1

Advanced Communication, Connectivity & IoT Technologies

Coherent Free-Space Optical Communications

Modem Development for Optical and Hybrid RF/Optical Communications

Advanced Satellite Communications for High Rate and Dynamic Service Delivery

Optical Channel Modelling

Compact Hybrid Optical/RF User Segment (CHORUS)

Chip Laser Combs for Free Space Optical Communication

Resilient Emergency and Search and Rescue (SAR) Communications

Lunar Ground Station Feasibility Study

Q Pathfinder – Quantum Enhanced Secure Comms for Small Sats and IoT

Physical Layer Security for Satellite based IoT Edge Services with Deep Reinforcement Learning for Energy Efficiency

Anomaly Detection in IoT for Satellite Security Using Blockchain

Distributed Beamforming for Satellite Applications

Hybrid Terrestrial-Satellite Access System for IoT Applications