Compact Hybrid Optical/RF User Segment (CHORUS)



Project Leader: Dr Ken Grant, DST Group (Phase 1), Dr Gerald Bolding, DST Group (Phase 2)

Participants: Defence Science and Technology Group, EOS Space Systems, EM Solutions, Shoal Group, Australian National University, University of South Australia, Lyrebird Antenna Research

The CHORUS project aims to build on existing world leading Australian
technology in compact RF tactical terminals and optical communication to
develop “leap-frogging” technology that exploits bearer diversity through a highly
integrated hybrid Optical-RF tactical terminal. If successful, this will place
Australia in a leading position to create new capabilities for compact, high data
rate, high availability satellite earth terminals for commercial and national
security markets.

Phase 1 of CHORUS, now successfully completed (Apr 2019-Apr 2020), was a
high-risk, high-payoff research activity to develop concepts for, and explore the
feasibility of, a highly integrated, tactical satellite communications terminal
combining radio frequency and optical frequency capabilities into a single
compact terminal.

Phase 2, proposed to the CRC in December 2020, is for the development of a
full size engineering model of one of the candidate terminal concepts. The
Phase 2 objectives are to validate the intellectual property created in Phase 1
and to build knowledge and confidence in the manufacturability and performance
of the terminal.