Compact Hybrid Optical/RF User Segment (CHORUS)


Project Leader: Dr Ken Grant, DST

Participants: Defence Science and Technology group, EM Solutions, EOS Space Systems, Lyrebird, University of South Australia, Australian National University, Shoal Group.

This project aims to build on existing world leading Australian technology in compact RF tactical terminals and optical communication to develop “leap-frogging” technology that exploits bearer diversity through a highly integrated hybrid Optical-RF tactical terminal. If successful, this will place Australia in a leading position to create new capabilities for compact, high data rate, high availability satellite earth terminals for commercial and national security markets.

This research proposal is for the 12 month Phase 1 of an initial activity to research, design and model the performance of hybrid satellite terminal for mobile applications. The project proposes several research questions regarding mobile platform pointing technology with sufficient precision to support free space optical communications, diversity gains from integrated hybrid RF-Optical systems, requirements for adaptive optics and protocols to optimise the diverse links for the end user. The project will bring together RF and optical communications researchers to develop novel approaches that will be optimised through digital twin design approaches for trade off analysis and performance modelling.