Small Satellite Thermal Management with 3D Printed Metal Heat Sinks Containing Phase Change Material Thermal Storage


Project Leaders: Professor Peter Murphy, UniSA

PhD Student: Artur Medon

Participants: University of South Australia

The product that I aim to produce, as a result of my research, is an enabling technology for next generation high-powered small satellites that has many applications and is very much aligned to SmartSat’s priority research areas in Advanced Communication, Advanced Satellite Systems and Next Generation Earth Observation Data Services.

The technology that I aim to develop will provide thermal management of high-powered
small satellite electronics and increase their usability, improving satellite services and connectivity. Given the enabling application of my research to all small satellites, it can be applied to multiple sectors which includes Agriculture, Mining and Resources, Disaster and Emergency Management, Water and Environmental Management.

In concert with the SmartSat’s overarching strategy, the technology developed
by my research is aimed to build capacity within the space sector via the:
culmination of knowledge translation and creation resulting in a novel way to
prevent high powered small satellites from overheating, with the ultimate aim to
commercialise a product that will provide capability to the Australian space
industry and manufacturing in South Australia.