E Rodriguez headshot

Eva Rodriguez Rodriguez

Research Program Manager

Eva Rodriguez Rodriguez has over 10 years’ experience working with international agencies, government, research, industry and user groups, coordinating and leading the creation of collaborative end-user driven innovations utilising and integrating earth observation, satellite telecommunications, satellite navigation and other space-derived data and technologies, both in Australia and Europe.

Eva currently holds the position of Portfolio and Strategy Manager at FrontierSI, where she leads the design, creation and implementation of long-term strategic work in the space and spatial sectors; including the creation of 2026Agenda of which she is Executive Officer and the recently launched Geoscience Australia’s DEA Industry Strategy; she also manages the projects team and function within the organisation. Previously, Eva held the position of Satellite and Systems Specialist with the Satellite Operations team at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM), where she was responsible for integrating end-to-end service delivery practises, creating training and documentation for satellite-based applications and products, and creating internal satellite data policies.

Before moving to Australia in 2014, Eva was Technical Officer at the European Space Agency’s Business Applications department, focusing on space downstream applications and bridging the gap between the development of space technologies and their application to solve real end-user problems. Eva’s project experience spans fields including telemedicine, disaster monitoring and emergency response, ocean weather forecasting, air and water quality, and forestry monitoring.

Eva holds a Master of Science in Telecommunications Engineering and Management, and a Bachelor in Telematics from BarcelonaTech (UPC), and is currently undertaking Stanford University’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate.

Eva received a European Space Agency Team Excellence Award in 2014, and has recently been awarded the 2019 Women’s Leadership Award at the Asia-Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards in Victoria for her work strategically growing the Spatial sector in Australia, particularly focusing on connections to the Space sector, and for the role she is playing in leading Diversity and Inclusion in the spatial and space sector.