Professor Stuart Phinn

Research Director Program 3 – Next Generation Earth Observation Data Services

Stuart is a Professor of the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences Faculty of Science at the University of Queensland. He specialises in measuring and monitoring environmental changes using earth observation data and publishing/sharing ecosystem data.

The majority of his work uses images collected from satellite and aircraft, in combination with field measurements, to map and monitor the Earth’s environments and how they are changing over time. This work is done in collaboration with other environmental scientists, government environmental management agencies, NGO’s and private companies. He publishes extensively with his collaborators, and currently has 185 papers in refereed international journals, 1 book, an online textbook, and 12 book chapters.

Stuart’s background will allow him to contribute to a wide range of projects and put him in an ideal position for the coordination of the program.

Professor Phinn can be contacted on [email protected]