Building Australia’s Space Industry

The SmartSat CRC is a consortium of industry and research organisations that will develop game changing technologies to bootstrap Australia’s space industry and catapult it into the 1/2 trillion dollar global economy.

We invite you to join us in this nation-building journey.

$245M Participant & Government Funding Secured

All Systems Go


The SmartSat CRC will create leapfrogging technologies in advanced telecommunications and smart satellite systems to build Australia’s space infrastructure for advanced communications and connectivity, remote sensing and monitoring for its land, seas and oceans. It brings together nearly 100 partners and international collaborators which, together with significant investment by the Australian Federal Government, have committed $245 million, represents the biggest space industry R&D collaboration in Australia’s history.

The SmartSat CRC will ensure Australia can execute a technological leap-frog to deliver smart satellite systems that are Australian designed, owned and operated and that will deliver the nation real-time connectivity, surveillance and sensing capability over land and sea, earth observation data to monitor climate and development, and the power to drive industry innovation and the growth of the Internet of Things.

The SmartSat CRC will support Australia and Australian business and industry to be players in these areas of industry growth and innovation. It will also provide a platform for new generations of innovators to advance their research careers and develop their ideas and innovations.



Our goal is to develop ‘leap-frogging’ technologies that will provide Australia with real-time connectivity, surveillance and sensing over its land, sea and oceans.

Under the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) program, the Federal Government typically matches the cash funding raised by industry and universities on a 1:1 basis to undertake research which will lead to solving a major industry problem or to seize a new opportunity. The SmartSat CRC will catalyse the transformation and growth of Australia’s space industry with focussed activity in three key areas.

Advanced Communications,
Connectivity and IoT

  • High speed communications
  • Reliable communications
  • Secure communications
  • Spectrum sensing & Cognitive Radio
  • Satellite & terrestrial network integration

Advanced Satellite Systems,
Sensors & Intelligence

  • Agile & resilient satellites
  • Advanced pointing & manoeuvring
  • Advanced adaptable payload
  • Intelligence in orbit

Next Generation Earth
Observation Data Services

  • Secure & integrated data intensive space systems
  • Customer-centric EO Analytics
  • Design methodologies for mission specific services
  • Integration Testbed for rapid product development
  • Advanced sensors for next generation space analytics

Expression of Interest: Research Project

This form only applies to Participants of the SmartSat CRC.

Before submitting an EOI, it is critical to consider the following Project Formulation and Approval Process.  Participants are encouraged to contact the relevant Program Director to discuss how their research interest can fit with the vision and overall deliverables of the SmartSat CRC.

Project ideas will be accessed on following Investment Criteria

Template - Expression of Interest


Core Partners

Supporting Partners

  • Palamir
  • Leonardo
  • Solinnov
  • Universite de Bretagne Occidentale
  • University College London


  • Centre for Space Science Technology
  • Equatorial Launch Australia
  • Ibatex Consulting
  • X-lab Ventures



While there is no standard contribution for any individual partner, we anticipate that contributions would be in the range of $100,000 to $1 million per annum. The final amount will depend on the individual partner and the amount of benefit they expect to derive from the CRC.

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