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Earth Observation & Remote Sensing Specialist

4 Men and 3 women in business attire stand in front of a SmartSat banner

SmartSat is seeking a scientist, engineer or analyst with experience in Satellite Earth Observation (EO) to provide specialist scientific advice on remote sensing applications, including space mission design and applications in areas such as environmental and water quality monitoring, land use and agricultural analytics. 

Subject to the skills and experience of the candidate, the role may support the design of relevant missions and the formulation, development, and management of relevant research and innovation projects that will be delivered by our partners.

Role Responsibilities

Depending on your experience the level of responsibility and supervision will vary across the following areas: 

  1. Providing specialist scientific advice on Earth Observation and Remote Sensing applications with an emphasis on environmental monitoring and disaster resilience, water quality monitoring and agricultural intelligence using in-situ, airborne and space-based assets;
  2. Lead the scientific design and development of space missions and technology programs;
  3. Provide technical guidance on current SmartSat EO and Remote Sensing projects;
  4. Provide guidance on mission architectural concepts against end-user requirements;
  5. Participate in the scientific review of SmartSat projects for the relevant area of expertise so as to ensure that these projects are scientifically and methodologically robust; and
  6. Support SmartSat National and International engagement, business development, and collaborative project discussions relevant to EO and Remote Sensing

For more information or to apply for this role, contact Andrew Beveridge at [email protected].