Andy Koronios_B&W

Professor Andy Koronios

CEO & Managing Director; Emeritus Professor, University of South Australia

Peter Nikoloff_B&W

Peter Nikoloff

Chair of Industry Advisory Board

Nicola Sasanelli_B&W

Adj. Professor Nicola Sasanelli

Director of Partnerships & Outreach

Andrew Beveridge_B&W

Andrew Beveridge

Chief Operating Officer


Rosie Erasmus

Chief Financial Officer

Sarah Cannard

Dr Sarah Cannard

Industry Director

Tim Parsons

Dr Tim Parsons

Chair of SmartSat Aurora; NSW Node Coordinator

Elizabeth Weeks3

Elizabeth Weeks

Research Operations Manager

AB Pic

Alison Bowman

Senior Communications Advisor


Madison White

Marketing & Communications Coordinator


Nick Manser

Satellite Systems Engineer



Associate Professor Ady James

Education & Training Coordinator

Wei Xiang b&W

Professor Wei Xiang

Higher Degree Research Program Coordinator



Dr Carl Seubert

Chief Research Officer

Clinton Fookes

Professor Clinton Fookes

AI Theme Leader

Tat-jun chin- University of Adealdie

Professor Tat-Jun Chin

Professorial Chair of Sentient Satellites


Professor Christopher Fluke

Professorial Chair of Space System Data Fusion and Cognition

Ryszard-Kowalczyk-rev_LS web small

Professor Ryszard Kowalczyk

Professorial Chair in Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Professor Jill Slay

Professorial Chair of Cybersecurity

Peter Kerr_B&W

Peter Kerr

Indo-Pacific Capability Demonstrator Leader

Rebecca Allen 1

Dr Rebecca Allen

I-in-the-Sky Capability Demonstrator Leader

Dr Jasmine Muir

Dr Jasmine Muir

AquaWatch Capability Demonstrator Leader


Dr Andrew Barton

Research Program Manager

Jeff Kasparian_B&W2

Jeff Kasparian

Research Program Manager

Craig Williams

Craig Williams

Research Program Manager