Andy Koronios_B&W

Professor Andy Koronios

CEO & Managing Director; Emeritus Professor, University of South Australia

Peter Nikoloff_B&W

Peter Nikoloff

Chair of Industry Advisory Board

Nicola Sasanelli_B&W

Adj. Professor Nicola Sasanelli

Director of Partnerships & Outreach

Andrew Beveridge_B&W

Andrew Beveridge

Chief Operating Officer


Rosie Erasmus

Chief Financial Officer

Sarah Cannard

Dr Sarah Cannard

Industry Director

Tim Parsons

Dr Tim Parsons

Chair of SmartSat Aurora; NSW Node Coordinator

Elizabeth Weeks3

Elizabeth Weeks

Project Officer: Research Programs

Emily White_B&W

Emily White

Executive Officer

AB Pic

Alison Bowman

Senior Lead Media & Communications

HG 2019

Heather Gryst

Marketing & Communications



Associate Professor Ady James

Education & Training Coordinator

Wei Xiang b&W

Professor Wei Xiang

Higher Degree Research Program Coordinator



Dr Carl Seubert

Chief Research Officer

Allison Keally

Professor Allison Kealy

Research Capability Coordinator

Clinton Fookes

Professor Clinton Fookes

AI Theme Leader

Tat-jun chin- University of Adealdie

Professor Tat-Jun Chin

Professorial Chair of Sentient Satellites


Professor Christopher Fluke

Professorial Chair of Space System Data Fusion and Cognition


Professor Jill Slay

Professorial Chair of Cybersecurity

Peter Kerr_B&W

Peter Kerr

Indo-Pacific Capability Demonstrator Leader

Rebecca Allen 1

Dr Rebecca Allen

I-in-the-Sky Capability Demonstrator Leader

Dr Jasmine Muir

Dr Jasmine Muir

AquaWatch Capability Demonstrator Leader

E Rodriguez headshot

Eva Rodriguez Rodriguez

Research Program Manager


Dr Andrew Barton

Research Program Manager

Jeff Kasparian_B&W2

Jeff Kasparian

Research Program Manager

Craig Williams

Craig Williams

Research Program Manager

Nick Stacy

Dr Nick Stacy