Diversity and Inclusion

“SmartSat strives to build an inclusive culture which embraces individual differences and inspires people to reach their full potential. We are working hard to ensure our workplace and the broader space industry support a diverse range of voices which reflect the communities in which we live, work and represent.” – Prof. Andy Koronios, CEO

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

When we value D&I, we see benefits such as higher employee engagement, improved performance, greater innovation, retention of talent, improved employee wellbeing and lower levels of negative behaviours. D&I is central to innovation and helps us harness the benefits of technology and improve the efficiency and quality of services, improving the performance of SmartSat. The figure below outlines SmartSat’s strategic D&I priorities which have been identified to create a more diverse and inclusive organisation, partner network and Australian space community.

Current D&I Initiatives

SmartSat has partnered with the Inclusive Organisation to undertake a research project aiming to assess and baseline the current state of inclusion across SmartSat CRC and their partner organisations using a new, system-wide framework to develop inclusion strategies that address the specific needs of all people, Business-As-Usual Inclusion. The project proposal includes four distinctive objectives. The first of which will identify priorities for inclusive action within SmartSat, providing the baseline from which the SmartSat CRC, and the D&I Committee in particular, can develop and refine its workplan and strategy in D&I.

The initial assessment indicates that SmartSat is not only committed to inclusion but is actively funding, planning and incorporating inclusion into all aspects of the business. The current state of inclusion based on an all-staff survey is as follows:

D&I Collaboration Opportunities

If you would like to collaborate on a D&I initiative or share your organisation’s progress in this area, please contact us.

SmartSat is a proud member of the Diversity Council Australia.