KANYINI: South Australian Space Services Mission

The South Australian Space Services Mission is a collaboration between the South Australian Government represented by the South Australian Space Industry Centre, mission lead SmartSat CRC, Adelaide-based commercial satellite manufacturer Inovor Technologies, and global IoT provider Myriota.

Kanyini, a 6-unit small satellite, has been entirely designed, built and tested in South Australia. Once in orbit, the satellite will provide vital data for every-day South Australians, such as assisting farmers to monitor water levels and more accurately predict future crop yields, or offering emergency services personnel greater oversight to monitor, manage and even mitigate emergencies like bushfires.

SmartSat CRC is leading the space services mission and application prototyping onboard for Kanyini, as well as leading the research and development of the satelliteā€™s software components, projects in onboard AI, analysis of hyperspectral imagery and efficient satellite operations. 

SmartSat Kanyini Mission Team

Research Projects