Robust Predictive AI: Advanced Satellite Hyperspectral Band Registration for Reliable Natural Disaster Event Prediction

This project will research a novel deep learning pipeline for achieving robust and reliable forecasting of natural disaster events with hyperspectral satellite imagery. The majority of the existing machine learning algorithms do not possess the ability to forecast the occurrence of natural disasters in advance and they are only able to detect their occurrence when the disaster event happens. To address this limitation, we propose novel research which leverages the spatiotemporal modelling capability of deep learning to forecast the occurrence of natural disasters in advance using a satellite onboard execution environment. The research will be conducted using the example use cases from the application area of bushfire event forecasting considering the practical significance to Australia. The developed framework will be deployable on a CubeSat Kanyini-type mission with Hyperscout-2 payload and will use onboard hardware to execute the algorithm.


Project Leader:
Professor Clinton Fookes, Queensland University of Technology