A dynamic, innovative education and training program is the key factor in attracting and retaining the best students to the CRC, strengthening the future Australian space industry workforce.  This program compliments the research agenda and builds engagement and capacity within Industry participants and other end-users. 

The SmartSat CRC will build Australia’s space industry workforce offering opportunities for: 

  • More than 70 PHDs
  • Industry focused doctoral program
  • Skill requirements analysis
  • Credential and micro-credential training inspiring young Australian through STEM programs 

Education and Training College

The establishment of our SmartSat education and training college is progressing well with current activity including the finalisation of the education and training program Strategy.

The SmartSat aims to graduate 73 PhD students and will play a critical role in providing a platform for new generations of innovators to advance their research careers, and develop their ideas and innovations within key research areas.

SmartSat is currently developing its Scholarship opportunities for students looking to commence in 2021.  Further information will be provided here once they are announced.