PhD Students

The following PhD scholarships have commenced. Their topics cover a variety of SmartSat CRC’s strategic and priority research areas ranging from Space IoT communications through to AI-powered autonomous operations in space. The majority of the PhD thesis topics have one or more industry partners to support the practical application of the proposed thesis topic, demonstrating SmartSat’s commitment to fostering Australia’s space industry through building strong linkages between academia and industry.

Current PhD Students


Mohamad Abdul Hady

SCARLET-α: SpaceCraft Autonomy and Onboard AI for Next Generation Space Systems

University of South Australia

headshot - Franke Agenbag

Franke Agenbag

An automated method of detecting, characterising, and responding to radiation events in space

Defence, Science and Technology Group / University of South Australia

Emily Ahern

Emily Ahern

Compact Clock for Small Satellite Applications

University of Adelaide

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Robert Andriambol

Integration of Earth Observation data and ground-based measurements to accurately map the effect of Urban Heat Islands

Curtin University

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Zachary Auhl

Using Blockchain and DRBs to Orchestrate an IoT Network

La Trobe University


Michael Aygur

Cognitive Satellite Radios

RMIT University

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Harrison Bennett

Machine learning-enabled satellites for Agile Space Operations

The University of Adelaide

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Yue Cai

Deep learning-based Low earth orbit (LEO) satellites task offloading and massive MIMO implementation

The University of Sydney


Zhengyuan Chai

A Framework for Computational Reproducibility in Environmental Science with Support for Machine Learning Applications

Curtin University


Konstantinos Chatzopoulos Vouzoglanis

Exploring the utility of high frequency satellite information on wildfire characterisation and impact estimation

RMIT University

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Xiongren Chen

Interpretable Machine Learning for the Early Smoke Wild-fire Detection

University of South Australia


Jason Dail

Improving Detection of Clearing and Regrowth in Woodlands Using Synthetic Aperture Radar

University of Queensland


William Damario Lukito

Machine Learning Approach for The Enhancement of Transmission Capacity and Latency for Integrated Terrestrial-Satellite Communications

La Trobe University

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Joshua Davis

Attack-resilient CubeSat Constellations

University of South Australia

Geekiyanage Deepa Rakshitha De Silva

Geekiyanage Deepa Rakshitha De Silva

Cognitive Satellite Radios

Deakin University


Francesca Devoto

Determining the Effects of A-Biotic Stress on Crop Growth Development, and Yield under Different Nitrogen Applications using Remotely Sensed Data for Cotton and Wheat

The University of Queensland

digital photo Charith Dissanayake

Charith Dissanayake

Cognitive Satellite Radios

RMIT University


Trung Dung (Alex) Nguyen

Advances in Long-term Water Quality Monitoring through Data Fusion

La Trobe University


Glen Eaton

Automating individual tree-scale aboveground biomass inventory and monitoring at local to regional scales with drone LiDAR and satellite data

The University of Queensland

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Nur Fajar Trihantoro

Real Time Fire Analytics

RMIT University


Donna Fitzgerald

Quantifying Dieback of Eucalypt Forests using Remote Sensing

University of South Australia

Thomas Graham Web small

Thomas Graham

Responsible AI in Space

Swinburne University of Technology

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Vinicius Guedes Goncalves de Oliveira

The cybersecurity of the Australian Space Infrastructure – A legal and policy analysis

Flinders University


Elliot Hansen

Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar-based Surface and Underwater Object Detection and Classification

The University of Adelaide/Defence Science & Technology Group


Oliver Hatswell

Innovative Mapping of Archaeological Landscapes Using Satellite Remote Sensing

Flinders University

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Nermine Hendy

Interference modelling, detection, and mitigation for improving spaceborne SAR performance

RMIT University

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Francis Karimi Kagai

Emergency Buddy System

Swinburne University of Technology


Bazarzagd Lkhagvasuren

Integration of Digital Earth and IoT for water quality monitoring

Curtin University


Chenxi Luo

Machine learning based water quality parameters predicting and forecasting

La Trobe University


Than Myint Swe

On-ground management of soil health by integrating proximal and remote sensing platforms in northern Australian savannas grazing land

The University of Queensland


Raja Ram Aryal

Solar Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence (SIF) for plant health/stress and productivity remote sensing applications

The University of Queensland


Simon Ramsey

Real-time Fire Analytics

RMIT University


Arun Thekedathu Raveendran

High Performance Beam Steering Antenna Systems for Space Applications.

The University of Technology Sydney

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Gillian Rowan

Using space-based Earth Observation to map Australia’s kelp forests for a stronger Blue Carbon economy

The University of Queensland

Hira Saleem

Hira Saleem

Natural Hazard prediction and damage assessment using multimodal satellite data in self-supervised XAI model

University New South Wales Sydney

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Jordan Shipard

Efficient Subnets for Scalable Onboard AI in Space

Queensland University of Technology

Harikesh Singh

Harikesh Singh

An Empirical and Dynamic tool for Prediction of Forest Fire Spread Using Remote Sensing and Machine Learning Technique

University of the Sunshine Coast

Sabrina Slimani_photo

Sabrina Slimani

Using Quantum Entanglement to Remotely Synchronise Clocks

University of Adelaide


Joanna Smart

Developing Capability to Assess Live Coral Cover and Seagrass Species Using Satellite Based Hyperspectral Imagery

The University of Queensland

Ghaith Suleiman Mustafa El-Dalahmeh

SCARLET-α: SpaceCraft Autonomy and Onboard AI for Next Generation Space Systems

Swinburne University of Technology

Pretha Sur

SCARLET-α: SpaceCraft Autonomy and Onboard AI for Next Generation Space Systems

Deakin University

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Vibhor Thapliyal

Fabrication of 3-D, Wavelength-Tuneable Photonic Crystals for Space-Based Mm-Wave, Terahertz, and Infrared Communications

La Trobe University


Kou Tian

Deep Learning for Advanced Physical Layer Communications

The University of Sydney


Lucas Tsutsui da Silva

Semi-Supervised Learning for Automatic Improvement of Onboard Object Detection Models on Small Satellites

University New South Wales Sydney

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Uakomba Uhongora

Development of Intelligent Security Controls for Software Defined Networking-based Space Systems

University of South Australia

Alvaro Valenzuela

Alvaro Valenzuela Quinteros

Active fire detection from satellite Earth Observation

RMIT University

Sai Vallapureddy

Sai Vallapureddy

A Machine Learning Based Solution for Space Situational Awareness and Space Sustainability

RMIT University

Brandon Victor

Brandon Victor

Using Satellite Data to Locate and Phenotype Plants from Space

La Trobe University


Ziwei Wang

Ultra-fine Attitude Control via Event-based Star Tracking and Piezoelectric Stabilisation

Australian National University

Kithmini Weththasinghe

Signal processing of cognitive satellite communication

University of Technology Sydney


Liang Zhao

Satellite image-based smoke detection for bush fire detection

University of South Australia

Graduated PhD Students