About Us

The SmartSat CRC is a consortium of universities and other research organisations, partnered with industry that has been funded by the Australian Government to develop know-how and technologies in advanced telecommunications and IoT connectivity, intelligent satellite systems and Earth observation next generation data services.

SmartSat is an agile organising team bringing together academic researchers, industry and the end users to develop, manage and deliver useful technologies, algorithms and knowledge that supports every sector of our economy. Our research is developing intellectual property and a specialist industry expertise to grow the Australian space industry, create export economic value and generate new high-tech jobs for our future space leaders.


We will conduct excellent and impactful research that creates commercial value for our partners and benefit our nation.


We will innovate in all of our activities, adapt to market changes and respond rapidly to our stakeholders’ requirements in a productive and cost-effective way, without compromising excellence and impact.


We recognise that through collaboration we can achieve better outcomes for SmartSat and, through intense collaboration can deliver more for Australia than our partners could do alone.


We are committed to the highest standard of openness, transparent accountability and ethical behaviour in all that we do.


We celebrate diversity and acknowledge differences in gender, generations, geography & culture.

Our Vision

To build an Australian sovereign space capability through world-class research and development in space systems, technology and solutions to enhance Australia’s economic prosperity and deliver national benefit.

Our Mission

To be globally respected as an innovator in space technology and valued as an enduring, trusted and leading contributor in transforming Australia’s space research and innovation ecosystem.

Our Guiding Principles

Three guiding principles determine the core elements of the strategy. These principles essentially describe the desired strategic outcomes for SmartSat and can be used by the Board as a ‘checklist’ when reviewing activities and progress.

  • Influential and Collaborative
  • Regular and Valued Impact
  • Resilient and Enduring