20 Jun 2023
Operations Update

Aurora Space Cluster announces winner of free yearly membership

20 Jun 2023

If you visited the Aurora Space Cluster booth at the 15th Australian Space Forum earlier this month, you will know we hosted a competition for companies to win a free yearly membership. Earlier this month, we happy to announce the winning company is Adelaide based start-up Paladin Space. Paladin Space is working to develop a re-usable debris removal satellite to tackle the growing problem of accumulating space junk. Thank you to all who entered, as well as everyone who attended the forum and visited the booth or attended the Aurora networking drinks as part of the conference activities.

Aurora Space Cluster Chair, Dr Sarah Cannard, selects the winner of the free yearly membership

Also at the conference, Aurora member AICRAFT signed not one, but TWO Memorandums of Understanding to develop and bring to market new electronics solutions for space with polish electro-optic systems company Scanway, as well as with Australian company HEX20 to provide solutions for new small satellite constellations. We wish AICRAFT all the best of luck as they take their company from strength to strength. We love to see our members grow and achieve, so any updates from our members are greatly appreciated. You can always send any news or media releases to [email protected].

CEO of AICRAFT, Tony Scoleri (left) with CEO of HEX20, Lloyd Jacob Lopez upon the signing of their MoU at the 15th Australian Space Forum

Prior to the 15th Australian Space Forum, Aurora members were given exclusive access to attend a lunch event with serial space entrepreneur Scott Tibbitts. Hosted by the University of South Australia’s Innovation and Collaboration Centre (ICC), the session gave attendees insight into how Tibbitts created a space company from scratch and the lessons he has learned from his 35-year career in the sector. Aurora members who were unable to attend in person can access the recording of this event here.

Dr Sarah Cannard
Aurora Space Cluster Chair