11 Nov 2020
Research Update

Australian Space Industry Key Skills Gap Survey

11 Nov 2020

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Help SmartSat assess the job skills required to grown the Australian Space industry.

Having the relevant space-related skills available in Australia will be a crucial factor in the ability to grow the Australian space industry to meet the Australian Space Agency targets to triple industry revenues to $12 billion per annum and create an additional 20,000 jobs by 2030.  Identifying and addressing space industry skills gaps is an important aspect of SmartSat’s work in developing the leading elements of the future Australian space technologies.

SmartSat, supported by the Australian Space Agency, is sponsoring a study to identify the present and future key skills gaps within the Australian space industry that have the potential to inhibit this growth. SmartSat has engaged Western Sydney University and Asia Pacific Aerospace Consultants (APAC) to conduct this study. The study is in line with the ‘Inspire’ pillar of the Australian Civil Space Strategy 2019-2028, which focuses on the future workforce to grow the next generation of the space workforce. 

The goals of this study are to:

●            Identify gaps in key skills for Australia’s Space Industry Capability;

●            Identify the gap in skills most relevant to the SmartSat consortium;

●            Include technical skills, technology specific skills and soft skills; and

●            Identify relevant training/education providers who have capability to provide training/education against any gaps.

This study is intended to cover the full range of the emerging Australian space industry.

A major part of this study is a survey to identify current Australian space skills, current skills gaps or shortages and potential future skills gaps or shortages.  All SmartSat partners are strongly encouraged to complete this survey.  Your input will provide valuable data on Australia’s current space-related skills gaps and anticipated future skills requirements.  However, this survey is not limited to SmartSat partners – we aim to build the most comprehensive picture of Australian space skills and skills gaps and encourage responses from across the industry.

The outcomes of this study will allow SmartSat and the Australian Space Agency to target appropriate areas within their respective skills development programs to meet current and future job skills needs.

Access to the Australian Space Industry Key Skills Gap Survey is via the following link:


If you have any questions, or would prefer to discuss this by telephone, please feel free to directly contact APAC consultants Kirby Ikin (0402 132 546 or [email protected]) or Bill Barrett (0407 505 388 or [email protected])