Maya Nula

Australian Agriculture from Space

Maya Nula (meaning “eyes here, there, everywhere” in Dharug language) is SmartSat’s new research program focused on using space technologies to value-add to  Australian agriculture. SmartSat will work with industry partners to define the research priorities of this program to focus on soil health, biosecurity, crop protection and environment.

Investment in Earth observation research through the Maya Nula Program will assist Australian farmers and businesses become more sustainable and profitable through analysis-ready information products and services.

Key Objectives

  • Boost agricultural productivity and maintain market access;
  • Develop space-based technologies for continent-scale monitoring of sustainable farming practices;
  • Enhance decision-making for producers, commodity traders, and investors through quality assured analysis-ready information products and services;
  • Reduce “on-site time” and increase profitability;
  • Support climate change and environmental objectives; and
  • Create a sovereign capability for agricultural intelligence.


  • Building research and industry capability to support the future of agriculture;
  • Empowering industry partners to translate research into tangible products and services;
  • Developing national capability for continent-scale monitoring, health, and biosecurity;
  • Producing high-value, specific, and timely information products, as well as insights to support decision-making;
  • Improve sovereign capability, increasing Australia’s self-reliance and enhancing market access, consumer confidence, and access to green finance initiatives while addressing climate risks; and
  • Innovating to address industry needs through combining Earth observation satellite intelligence with other cutting edge technologies.

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Original Artwork by Aunty Julie Jones