20 Apr 2023
Project News

Data acquisition services provider for Kanyini confirmed

20 Apr 2023

Myriota has selected Kongsberg Satellite Services (KSAT) to provide data acquisition and Telemetry, Tracking and Command (TT&C) services for South Australian Space Mission satellite Kanyini. KSAT has more than 270 antennas around the globe, with Kanyini utilising the far north and southern stations which accommodate our sun-synchronous orbit.

Antarctica Troll Ground Station located at 72′ South, the only commercial ground station in Antarctica, provides access to almost all orbits from the southern hemisphere. The Svalbard Ground Station is recognised as the best-located and largest polar ground station in the world. Its unique location at 78’North, almost at the North Pole, ensures complete coverage that provides access to every orbit for spacecrafts operating in sun-synchronous orbits. The Svalbard Ground Station combined with the Troll/Antarctica Ground Station will provide connectivity across all orbits for Kanyini. KSAT will provide the Kanyini team with representative KSAT ground station equipment which will allow near end-to-end testing of the Kanyini communications link with the ground.

The KSAT Antarctic Satellite Ground Station located on the Troll Research Station run by the Norwegian Polar Institute

Inovor Technologies has built a full lab-based representation of the spacecraft which includes the Inovor Apogee nanosatellite bus, IOT payload and HyperScout Earth Observation payload. This configuration is what we refer to as the Flat Sat and is being used extensively to test the integration of the payloads with the Apogee bus which is responsible for communications with the ground, spacecraft health monitoring, power and navigation (pointing). The Kanyini Flat Sat will be maintained to support mission operations which includes validating commands and actions prior to sending up to space and to aid anomaly investigation.

New Senior Satellite Engineer at Myriota, Adrian Shuard

Adrian Shuard is the new Senior Satellite Engineer at Myriota working as the technical lead on the IoT payload for the Kanyini Space Services Mission and as the constellation designer for the Myriota network. He brings prior experience in spacecraft design, manufacture and Assembly, Integration & Test (AIT), as a structural, mechanical and thermal engineer working on remote sensing satellites, orbit transfer vehicles, launch vehicle adapter systems and micro-propulsion payloads. Adrian holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and a Bachelor of Engineering in Aerospace Engineering.

Peter Nikoloff
Kanyini Mission Director