19 Jan 2021

Ground-breaking South Australian space mission lead by SmartSatCRC

19 Jan 2021

South Australia is embarking on a bold mission with industry, lead by SmartSat, to design and build a satellite to deliver space-derived services to the state.

The South Australian Government’s SASAT1 Space Services Mission will send the locally manufactured 6U small satellite to low Earth orbit and employ an Internet of Things (IoT) data collection service along with a hyperspectral electro-optical payload for Earth observation.

The IoT and Earth observation data will improve the delivery of state services with candidate applications in emergency services, environment and mining.

Set to accelerate the state’s space economy, the SASAT1 Space Services Mission will also strengthen the competitiveness of South Australian businesses in the small-satellite supply chain and pave the way for external investment and future growth in Australia and abroad.

SmartSat will lead the mission and application prototyping, with Adelaide-based satellite manufacturing company Inovor Technologies designing and building the satellite and South Australian space company Myriota contracted for IoT space services.

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