23 Sep 2022
Research Update

HyperScout 2 Flight Model ready for integration into Kanyini for South Australian space mission

23 Sep 2022

SmartSat CRC and Dutch engineering company cosine today announced that the hyperspectral imaging camera, HyperScout 2 Flight Model instrument, will be onboard the South Australian state satellite and is now ready to be integrated into the spacecraft.

HyperScout 2 will be launched into space on board the satellite Kanyini, a 6U CubeSat, as part of the SA Space Services Mission and will provide critical data to government and non-government agencies. The launch of the satellite is part of the South Australia Space Sector Strategy 2030 and is Australia’s first state-based satellite.

The HyperScout 2 is a three-in-one instrument that combines hyperspectral and thermal imaging with high-level data processing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities. It provides hyperspectral imaging in the visible and near infrared to analyze the composition of the Earth, along with three thermal infrared bands to retrieve the temperature distribution, boosting and improving the number of Earth Observation applications cosine’s customers can benefit from.

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