Queensland Earth Observation Hub Mobility Scheme

Applications for this round of funding are now open!

The Queensland Earth Observation Hub Mobility Scheme supports collaborative initiatives between Queensland universities and businesses to achieve defined outcomes, including project work relating to tackling specific industry challenges, facilitating knowledge transfer, and the opportunity to develop and upskill staff.

The Mobility Scheme provides opportunities for industry representatives to work within a university, or for university researchers, academic or professional staff to work within a business, for up to 6-months. The Mobility Scheme can facilitate the transfer of expertise, provide training and skill development, or assist with projects that require additional skilled personnel.

Key features of the Mobility Scheme include:

  • Facilitates secondments/placements in both directions (business to university and vice versa)
  • Salary and on-costs are funded
  • Funding or seniority of secondee is not limited
  • Secondments will cover up to 1.0 FTE and up to 6 months duration
  • No default co-investment required, business pays for any additional activities outside of salary and on-costs (if required)
  • Regular application rounds to facilitate a quick response

Submissions close 5pm Friday, 19 April 2024.

For further information and confidential enquiries, please contact:

Gavin Kennedy
Queensland Earth Observation Hub Coordinator
SmartSat CRC
[email protected]
0413 337 819

Andrew Beveridge
Chief Operations Manager
SmartSat CRC
[email protected]
0466 443 263