Aurora Space Cluster

Aurora’s vision is to establish and nurture a collaborative network of space leaders and experts. We aim to deliver real and lasting impact to Australia through a thriving space start-up and SME ecosystem.

Founded and supported by SmartSat CRC, Aurora aims to create opportunities for its members via participation in SmartSat Research & Development programs and challenges, exposure to SmartSat’s partners and their global networks, and via creative collaboration with other members.

  • A Core Partner of SmartSat CRC – Founded and supported by SmartSat CRC, Aurora enables its members to participate in CRC projects as a collective SmartSat core partner company.
  • Built for its Members – Wholly owned by not-for-profit SmartSat CRC today, Aurora’s member rules are designed for it to continue in its own right as a member-led organisation, independent of the CRC, and in collaboration with other organisations as it sees fit.
  • A Collective Voice for Startups – Able to advocate for the needs and concerns of Australia’s rapidly growing space startups who will commercialise leapfrog IP and power the growth of jobs and revenues.
  • Commercial Opportunities – Aurora seeks to improve access to customers and partners, and – via co-funded opportunities to participate in high-impact projects with the CRC, its partners, and other members – provide a better ‘ladder’ for raising TRL (Tech Readiness Level) and IRL (Investment Readiness Level).

Aurora Space Cluster Members