New South Wales Node Funding Programs

The New South Wales Node has previously run three grant programs to drive industry-research teaming and collaboration for space industry growth and R&D commercialisation impact.

  • Space Demonstrator Program
    The Space Demonstrator Program supports industry-led projects, or projects that solve an industry or business problem involving at least one industry and one research partner, up to $300,000 in value.
  • Space Sector Mobility Scheme
    The Mobility Scheme funds placements of up to six months for industry representatives to work within NSW Universities, or for NSW University researchers to work within a company or business, facilitating the transfer of expertise, training and skills.
  • Space Infrastructure Access Scheme
    The infrastructure fund provides companies with access to R&D equipment, laboratory space and other research infrastructure.

All funding rounds for these programs are now closed. Details of projects funded through these programs can be found here. Project funding through the New South Wales Node is available through the Space+ Program.