14 Oct 2021
Media Releases

Leonardo, SmartSat and Deakin University enhance the use of space data for maritime security

14 Oct 2021

How can satellites and big data analytics support maritime security and surveillance fostering the security of people and the maritime environment? SmartSat CRC, Leonardo Australia, e-GEOS, and Deakin University team up today to offer an answer to this question, signing an agreement for the first phase of Enhancing Earth Observation for Maritime Domain Awareness (EO4MDA). Founded by SmartSat CRC, EO4MDA aims at supporting authorities across the Australian Exclusive Economic Zone and coastal areas with data from ground, air, and naval-based systems, integrated with space-based data reports.

In the frame of this agreement, the partners will develop and demonstrate first phase activities towards an Australian maritime domain awareness capability with satellite technologies enhanced by Artificial Intelligence, aligned to national and civil security objectives. 

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