8 Sep 2020
Project News

NASA Search and Rescue announces partnership with SmartSat

8 Sep 2020

NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre (GSFC) has announced today (NASA Media Release 8/9/20) a collaboration with SmartSat to advance distress-related communications and navigation technology benefitting the U.S. and Australia.

The cooperation with NASA, announced by GSFC deputy director for research and technology investments Christyl Johnson, will help to build Australia’s Space industry by developing leading edge technology and expertise with the partners involved in the SmartSat project.  These include University of South Australia, Safety from Space, Myriota, Black Art Technologies, Flinders University, and the Australian Maritime Safety Authority. 

The NASA’s Search and Rescue office is led by mission manager Lisa Mazzuca, who attended the Australian Space Forum in Adelaide with Christyl Johnson in February this year, when initial concepts of the projects were discussed.

Read the full release here.