AI4Space Workshop

Date: Thu 7 Apr 2022
Time: 10:00 am
Location: Brisbane

The AI4Space Research Network in partnership with the SmartSat CRC and TASDCRC present a workshop on Space & Pseudo-Space AI Applications.

Do you have challenges in space or high altitudes you are trying to solve with artificial intelligence (AI)? Do you have active AI research and development projects underway developing new solutions and capabilities for satellites, high-altitude platforms or high-altitude pseudo-satellites (balloons, drones)? If yes, join us for the AI4Space Workshop in collaboration with the AI4Space Research Network, the SmartSatCRC, the TASDCRC and their interested partners.


1. Industry who have space or high-altitude challenges to tackle, knowing AI is likely a source of solutions.

2. Academics with active AI projects in space or for psuedo-space platforms (or projects with direct application to space).


A half-day workshop with mixed mode attendance (face-to-face + Teams for those unable to travel) with an after-workshop lunch.

View the Event Program here.