Maryland Department of Commerce Australia Round Table: ‘Earth Observation’

Date: Thu 3 Jun 2021
Time: 8:00 am
Location: Webinar

Maryland’s Department of Commerce is running a Virtual Trade Mission to Australia, to enhance and promote collaboration for the Australia – Maryland space relationship.  As part of the Mission, we are hosting a virtual event on the topic: ‘Monitoring the Health of the Earth using Space & Airborne Based Technologies’.

The roundtable will feature the following US and Australian sector experts: 
• Peter Nikoloff, SmartSat CRC, Australia 
• Dr Oreste Reale, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
• Dr Steven Pawson,NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
• Dr Charles Ichoku, Howard University
• Dr George Davis, CEO Emergent Space Technologies
• Aude Vignelles, Australian Space Agency
• Dr Alex Held, CSIRO Centre For Earth Observation
• Tom Rayner, Myriota

Register for the RoundTable here