Space Data for Industrial Transformation

Satellite image / RMIT webinar 6 Oct 2021
Date: Wed 6 Oct 2021
Time: 5:30 pm

Hosted by RMIT University, this webinar will bring together SmartSat CRC, Australian Space Agency, European Space Agency, and INDRA to explore the opportunities, challenges, and future vision of using space data for industry-led innovation.

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Space technologies are playing a pivotal role in the transition towards digital and green economies. ​Nowadays, satellite communications can help to connect 49% of the world’s remaining unconnected population, while measuring the different indicators that support a sustainable world.

At industry level, the space sector is providing tremendous opportunities to drive innovation and create new market opportunities. Satellite signals and data are increasingly accessed and used across a wide range of industry sectors, from energy to health, food and tourism. ​

This global webinar will explore the opportunities, challenges and future vision of using space data for industrial innovation by bringing together representatives of the space industry as well as government agencies from Europe and Australia.