Trailblazer – Opportunities for Entrepreneurs and StartUps

Date: Thu 26 Aug 2021
Time: 4:00 pm
Location: ONLINE

Online event: Trailblazer is the $50M flagship exploration services grant program of the Australian Space Agency. This program feeds into NASA’s Project Artemis – building a lunar base to go from the Moon to Mars. 

SmartSat, Aurora and Stone & Chalk invite you to explore the merits, risks, Australia’s USP, and startup opportunities across the three mission theme categories: Exploration Foundation Services, Exploration Communications and Exploration Health Services.

This event welcomes professionals in the aerospace industry, students, scientists and researchers in space academia, space entrepreneurs, other deep tech entrepreneurs, and anyone else interested in understanding how Australia might contribute to Project Artemis from a startup perspective.

Moderated by Tim Parsons, Chair of Aurora, speakers will include: