SmartSat Nodes | Projects & Initiatives


4:25 pm 5:05 pm

This session explores the projects funded through the SmartSat New South Wales Node, Victoria Node and Queensland Earth Observation Hub in partnership with their state governments.

  • P7.12 (NSW Node) Enabling Resilient Space Computing with Advanced Thermal Management
    Matt Ryall, Founder & CEO, Mawson Rovers
  • P7.01 & P7.08 (NSW Node) Extraterrestrial Radiation Tolerant Silicon Solar Cells
    Peter Toth, CEO, Extraterrestrial Power
  • P6.02 (QLD EO Hub) COASTS: Coastal Change Observation and Analytics (multi-) Scale (multi-)Technology System
    Dr Javier Leon, University of the Sunshine Coast
  • Living and Playing Together: an interactive information and visualisation interface for the sustainability of multiple uses and values of Moreton Bay (QLD EO Hub)
    Dr Aiden Price, Queensland University of Technology