AquaWatch Coastal Water Quality Pilot: Integration of satellite and in situ observations with ecosystem modelling data streams for water quality understanding in two Australian coastal ecosystems

This pilot project aims to demonstrate success of the AquaWatch system concept on a pilot scale for Australian coastal water bodies. Through development of new partnerships with regional water managers in two locations, the pilot study provides ‘testbeds’ for new approaches to integrate and visualise multiple space-based observations (maps of sediment, dissolved carbon, chlorophyll-a and diffuse attenuation of light) and ground-based sensor water quality data (temperature, salinity, fluorescence, backscattering, turbidity and hyperspectral reflectance) streams, combined with hydrodynamic model outputs (salinity, temperature, stratification and current

The result will be a demonstrator ground-to-space water quality monitoring tool with a prototype front-end visualisation tool (web/mobile-based dashboard) to display spatial maps of water quality parameters, time series of hydrodynamic, biogeochemical and optical parameters and statistical analysis to aid in decision making. In the longer-term, outcomes from the project can be in the form of new sensor technologies, new software platforms and/or packaged products. The ultimate aim is the demonstrated value of the integrated technologies, their benefit to end-users and their potential adoption. These are required to inform the development of the AquaWatch mission. Results will be available to inform the relevant industry sectors for commercial development to the benefit of the Australian economy.


Project Leader:
Dr Tim Malthus, CSIRO