Assessing and Enhancing Multi-Spacecraft Mission Simulation and Visualisation

Astrodynamical simulations provide a crucial input to space mission planning and operations. Interactive visualisation of mission configurations, particularly for multi-spacecraft constellations or formation-flying scenarios, plays an important role in both understanding options and communicating outcomes to a variety of end users or audiences.

This project will investigate current state-of-the-art software for mission simulation and visualisation. This includes an evaluation of a suite of commercial and open-source options, considering both quantitative metrics (performance benchmarks, accuracy of orbital calculations) and qualitative factors (usability, flexibility, licensing costs and platforms for delivery).

The outcomes will comprise improved understanding of the suitability of astrodynamics simulation and visualisation software (shared as a white paper and/or research publication), identification of new opportunities for research and development, and improved understanding of the needs of end users from various SmartSat partners with the goal of advancing Australia’s capabilities in mission simulation, operations, and space situational awareness activities.


Project Leader:
Professor Christopher Fluke, Swinburne University of Technology