Automated instant high resolution imagery procurement and integration

The aim of this project is to research and develop an automated technical solution that solves the problem of integrating large commercial Earth Observation data workflows into open source and/or academic projects as demonstrated by our partner CSIRO – Open Data Cube (ODC). This will result in unprecedented industry efficiency and standardisation, leading to high frequency automated processing of large high resolution EO data types.

Data rich high resolution satellite Earth observation data contains enormous analysis potential. However, acquiring this data through traditional methods presents users with numerous hurdles when integrating into user workflows. Large file sizes, disparate data archives, lack of standardisation, poor workflow integration option, opaque pricing and licensing terms stunt the uptake and unlocking of valuable insights from these datasets. This project addresses these issues directly, creates new opportunities for users and unlocks new demand for data suppliers.


Project Leader:
Scott Owens, Arlula Pty Ltd