Cognitive Satellite Radios

The efficient and reliable utilization of the radio (electro-magnetic) spectrum for communications has been a long-standing problem, and with the introduction of various wireless (terrestrial) and satellite communication systems and technologies it is of utmost importance for us to address the issue of spectrum efficiency and intelligent spectrum sharing to pave way for the future of satellite (radio) communications. Cognitive radio
technology is an enabler to intelligently adopt satellite transmissions and receptions to improve the spectral efficiency by means of dynamic spectrum access (DSA) and to in turn improve the transmission throughput, resilience and the economic cost. Moreover, the broadcasting nature of such (satellite) transmissions and the inability to perfectly filter out in-band interferences have made satellite (radio) transmissions vulnerable, especially for the critical satellite communication infrastructure such as the defence satellite systems.

In this project we propose to develop and adopt advanced cognitive radio techniques for satellite communications to make satellite communication system intelligent and adaptive. This will improve the spectral efficiency of commercial satellite systems and maximise the throughput and availability of critical communication systems in congested and contested situations. The project makes important contributions to future, intelligent space networks that underpin Command and Control and Situational Awareness relating to Defence (including RMS StarShot) interests.

This project represents a substantial work as part of a number of activities anticipated in the cognitive network space. Importantly, the project incorporates a ‘stage-gate’ approach in development to ensure that focus is achieving its research outcomes, maintains industry alignment, and is coordinated with other, current and future-related projects.


Project Leader:
Professor Kandeepan Sithamparanathan