Compact Hybrid Optical/RF User Segment (CHORUS)

The CHORUS project aims to build on existing world leading Australian technology in compact RF tactical terminals and optical communication to develop “leap-frogging” technology that exploits bearer diversity through a highly integrated hybrid Optical-RF tactical terminal. If successful, this will place Australia in a leading position to create new capabilities for compact, high data rate, high availability satellite earth terminals for commercial and national security markets.

Phase 1 of CHORUS, now successfully completed (Apr 2019-Apr 2020), was a high-risk, high-payoff research activity to develop concepts for, and explore the feasibility of, a highly integrated, tactical satellite communications terminal combining radio frequency and optical frequency capabilities into a single compact terminal.

Phase 2, proposed to the CRC in December 2020, is for the development of a full size engineering model of one of the candidate terminal concepts. The Phase 2 objectives are to validate the intellectual property created in Phase 1 and to build knowledge and confidence in the manufacturability and performance of the terminal.

P1.05, P1.19

Project Leader:
Dr Ken Grant, Defence Science and Technology Group (Phase 1) & Dr Gerald Bolding, Defence Science and Technology Group (Phase 2)