Development of Taxonomy for Space System Resilience

The project proposed is to explore the following:

  • Mapping a research agenda to strengthen resilience and redundancy of satellite-based communications
  • Developing a Taxonomy for Space System Resilience, understanding each of following areas and the cost and performance trade-off (Disaggregation, Distribution, Diversification, Deception, Protection, Proliferation)
  • Articulating what are particular vulnerabilities related to satellites

The aim of this is to provide a literature review and mapping of the issues presented above so as to be able to scope a research agenda in satellite cyber security so as to help meet SmartSat priority research areas.

This mapping will be presented as a White paper and will develop a technical framework that can be used to focus SmartSat outputs in Cybersecurity and Resilience Research and develop a research agenda for future studies.


Project Leader:
Professor Jill Slay, University of South Australia