Distributed FlatSats Phase 1: Use Case Scoping and Infrastructure Feasibility Study

This project shall investigate the user needs, technical options for, and technical feasibility of infrastructure for hosting Distributed FlatSats (DFS).

The DFS Infrastructure, to be prototyped in a follow-on project, would be a distributed simulation testbed for satellite equipment and software making use of internet connections between various items of user hardware and software. The DFS infrastructure design would be optimised for space start-ups and developers of small spacecraft in general, and it would be capable of supporting developmental testing of multiple different satellite mission

This is the first of a series of collaborative Aurora Programs we plan to run, supported by funding from SmartSat CRC and its partners.

Aiming to de-risk satellite-payload bus integration and test, the Aurora Space Cluster called for Expressions of Interest in 2021 to develop requirements for the new Aurora Distributed FlatSat, to be hosted at SmartSat CRC member ACSER @ UNSW Sydney.

ACSER @ UNSW Sydney produced a Distributed FlatSat Survey Infographic that briefly summarises the EOI’s as well as useful technical insights of end-users.

Distributed FlatSat Survey Infographic


Project Leader:
Joon Wayn Cheong, University of New South Wales