Emergency Communications for LunaSAR (RESARC Phase 2)

This project’s aim is to develop a concept design proposal for communications technology to help shape NASA’s LunaSAR requirements. This will derive from outcomes of the previous SmartSat project P1-07 (RESARC), and provide options to enhance form and function of the distress messaging system components in the challenging lunar environment. The activities consist of review of NASA’s preliminary concept of operations (CONOPS), architecture, operational parameters such as NASA’s sensor message definition, frequency band and satellite orbit characteristics, and constraints including size weight and power (SWaP); performance analysis for the LunaSAR communications subsystems including satellite payload; simulation and prototyping of key aspects, and; capture of design concept for NASA’s review and consideration. The expected outcome is that NASA will be presented with options to adopt best-in-class Australian technology for use within their LunaSAR system.


Project Leader:
Dr Mark Rice, Safety from Space