Hybrid Optical/E-Band Correlated Channel Model

This project involves the characterisation of Optical and E-band communications channels based on the processing of existing Optical/E-band channel and performance data.

The data, available to DST under licence, has been sourced from a communications system that operated concurrent bidirectional terrestrial line of sight transmission of optical and E-band communications on a near coincident path. The data was captured at a number of locations around the world and is accompanied by weather observations of varying fidelity.

Of particular interest is the development of a high fidelity temporal model of the correlated effects of E-band and optical propagation over a near coincident weather affected path.

The outcome will be a report and/or paper suitable for publishing which encapsulates the findings together with analytic and/or statistical models suitable for ongoing use in communications system performance analysis and modelling.


Project Leader:
Dr Gerald Bolding, DST Group