Integration of Earth Observation data and ground-based measurements to accurately map the effect of Urban Heat Islands

The aim of the study is to review how existing and future EO data can be used in combination with data capture with terrestrial methods in a joint data fusion architecture. To create the architecture, standards of the terrestrial and satellite data will be investigated and when required, recommendations for standards’ improvement will be suggested. The proposed architecture will be designed as general, applicable in multiple spatial information areas, the study will focus especially on Urban Heat Islands (UHIs). Approaches to efficient data and information visualisation will be part of the investigation in this research with professionals from different areas than spatial information science as target audience. This contributes to the overall SmartSat CRC topic of Environmental Management. Urban Heat Islands impact the quality of life in many urban centres. Metropolitan areas of Australian cities and urbanised regional centres, in particular, show vulnerability towards UHIs due to challenging climatic conditions.


Project Leader:
Dr Petra Helmholz, Curtin University

PhD Student:
Robert Andriambololonaharisoamalala