A Proof of Concept and feasibility study utilising space technologies to advance the aquaculture markets in Western Australia remote and regional areas.

There is enormous opportunity to grow the market of the aquaculture sector in Western Australia, yet there are several challenges that need to be addressed for this to happen.

To grow the sector, producers need to access data that can inform them of suitable shellfish growing sites and use this site characterisation to better assess stock carrying capacity and feasibility of farming. With this intelligence, producers can target suitable areas to develop with greatly reduced risk. This pilot project will prototype a software solution ingesting EO, in-situ and model data, which can be trailed by our end-users to assess whether such a tool could assist them in determining the suitability of future sites. The prototype will focus on two sites, one in the Pilbara and one in the Kimberley, both remote areas of North West Australia. This solution will be designed so that it can also evolve towards an EO-based farm site monitoring tool.


Project Leader:
Professor David Antoine, Curtin University