OzFuel (Australian Fuel Monitoring from Space) Phase A

The spectral and radiometric resolution in existing satellite data is insufficient for monitoring fuel conditions in Australia’s eucalypt-dominant bushland. The OzFuel (Australian Fuel Monitoring from Space) satellite mission will make use of sovereign technologies to deliver fuel hazard data, with the goal of improving Australia’s pre-fire monitoring, prediction, preparation, response and resilience.

Led by ANU, the 12-month project will deliver OzFuel Phase A with partners UNSW Canberra, Skykraft, Spiral Blue and LatConnect 60. The project involves end-to-end mission design at the ANCDF, verification of fuel biochemical properties to be sensed from space, and market analysis on the commercial potential of shortwave infrared data in parallel industry sectors.

The project will accelerate development of critical sovereign Earth observation space technologies including advanced sensors, edge processing and small satellite capabilities.


Project Leader:
Associate Professor Marta Yebra, The Australian National University