Phase-0 AquaWatch Australia

This project is a partnership between SmartSat and CSIRO to develop ground-to-space 24/7 water quality monitoring technology for Australia’s waterways, reservoirs and coastal environments.

This Phase-0 project, 12 months in duration, addresses in-situ sensor technology readiness and a space-based concepts of operations through end user consultation (in coordination with Know the Market to Grow the Market project), requirements analysis, market analysis, data analytics processing with existing data sets, and a preliminary satellite mission design, for the development of a detailed business case and investment options analysis.

Water quality monitoring is an essential input to effective management of a key national resource that is distributed across the continent requiring new approaches to address the current limited capability. The SmartSat/CSIRO Aquawatch program will address remote sensing, and in-situ capabilities, with this proposal focusing on the former and the TRL levels of in-situ sensing technologies.

This project will provide options to coordinate across the current state-based approach and has the potential to position Australia as a global leader in water quality monitoring and management.

The space-based component of AquaWatch will be a world-first, custom water quality monitoring-focused satellite earth observation mission/constellation with a global footprint.

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Project Leader:
Alex Held, CSIRO