Real-time Fire Analytics

Australia urgently requires verified, high quality, real time information on wildfire location and intensity.

This project proposes a satellite system of systems encompassing geostationary, polar orbiting and aerial based sensors for real time fire landscape attribution. The project will design and deliver a data and platform ecosystem to allow autonomous real time information on fire to be detected, processed and delivered to end users.

We present this project as two elements: 1) design and implementation of a data and platform ecosystem that will enable fire surveillance in real time from geostationary, polar-orbiting and aerial platformed sensors. This system of systems approach will allow for best available information to always be provided. 2) derivation of autonomous AI algorithms for the real time surveillance of fires and its attribution (e.g. burn severity, FRP etc.).

Satellite sensors in the ecosystem of systems will include JAXA’s Himawari-8, MODIS, VIIRS, Sentinel-2, DLR’s Firebird constellation, as well as in situ and drone- and high-altitude-platform based observations for calibration, validation and accuracy assessment.


Project Leader:
Professor Simon Jones, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)