SatCom IoT-enabled Automatic Ground Water Collection and Aggregation Pilot (SIG Water)

In this project we propose the development of a pilot to demonstrate the use of an Internet-of-Things (IoT) low cost satellite telecommunications solution as an end-to-end cost-effective means to transmit and aggregate, in near real time, automatically collected information from ground water bores in rural and regional areas, with a focus on environmental water monitoring.

To this end, the project will test the technical feasibility, reliability and cost-effectiveness of deploying an end-to-end IoT satcoms solution in a remote and harsh environment – including evaluating, procuring and deploying sensor technologies to measure water levels, pressure, salinity, temperature and flow in groundwater stations/bores and assessing the feasibility of these to operate autonomously; in addition the project will define and develop a prototype to provide a “universal” connectivity module for ground water markets. This approach will be compared to current scenarios where information is collected manually and sparsely in time.


Project Leader:
Phil Delaney, FrontierSI