SCARLET-β: Goal-Orientated Autonomy for Spacecraft

The aim of this project is to research, develop and test goal-oriented algorithms and software that will grant a spacecraft autonomous capability to undertake its mission robustly and adaptively in real-time. The activities will focus on coupling optimisation and machine learning techniques to orbital and sensing prediction models, such that when sensing data is obtained in real time the next most optimal action can be determined.

The autonomy will be experimentally tested using the DSTG Buccaneer Main Mission (BMM) spacecraft scheduled to launch in 2023. BMM features the MANTIS payload with a controllable, deployable arm for self-inspection imaging. The project output will be a set of algorithms, methodologies, and approach to grant the spacecraft the ability to take an optimal image of itself against a backdrop of Australia in real-time. The outcomes will be learnings of the relationship between on-board and off-board autonomy that will be applicable to other spacecraft missions.


Project Leader:
Professor Salah Sukkarieh, The University of Sydney